Services Offered

The Biblical support for conflict resolution is clear.  First, the Bible itself is based on concepts and principles of forgiveness and reconciliation.  Second, there are numerous scriptures in the Bible that admonish us as Christians to resolve conflicts and practice forgiveness in our actions with others. 


With this in mind, CMS is capable of providing mediation, consultation or counseling for the following services in a Christian context:

[Note: CMS does not provide arbitration services at this time].


Congregational ConflictsMediation of disputes within Churches or between two or more Churches.


Community MediationResolution of conflicts between Churches and outside organizations, such as community groups.


Elder Care Mediation    As an elder care mediator, I guide a discussion between family members who are struggling with elder care issues.  Elder care mediation helps families clarify their problems, focus on the real issue at hand, and preserves family relationships. 


Interpersonal Conflict ResolutionMediation of conflicts among Church members.


Organizational Conflict Resolution of conflicts with internal Church organizations.


Workplace MediationDispute resolution for Church employees or lay staff members.


Group FacilitationProvide facilitation services to help manage Church meetings or conferences.


Consensus Building Facilitate meetings to build consensus for critical Church decisions.


Mediation ConsultationProvide consulting services for the design, development and/or implementation of Church mediation programs.


Couples Conflict ResolutionCounseling services to resolve on-going conflicts or communication problems.


Relationship CounselingPre-marital counseling directed to improve relationships for a successful marriage.


Conflict CoachingProvide coaching for individuals or groups that desire on-going conflict resolution support.


Family MediationCounseling and Mediation of disputes among family members.

Mediation TrainingProvide conflict resolution training for Church groups to improve internal Church relationships among members.



Settle matters quickly with your adversary who is taking you to court.  Do it while you are still with him on the way, or he may hand you over to the judge, and the judge may hand you over to the officer, and you may be thrown into prison.”  (Matthew 5:23-25)



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